Duke Abdel Adrian


Adopted by Gorion and initially raised as a monk of Torm, Adrian was raised in the library fortress of Candlekeep, unaware of his heritage and nature as a mortal child of Bhaal. Other orphans were also raised there, including another Bhaalspawn called Imoen, who became his friend in spite of his often unfriendly and even cruel treatment of her. When old enough, he left the citadel to travel around and work as a mercenary.

In 1368 DR, Abdel gained work in Baldur’s Gate on a caravan bound for Candlekeep, his childhood home, and was reunited with his adopted father, who asked Abdel to accompany him to the Friendly Arms Inn to gather some information. On the journey along the Coast Way, Gorion and Adbel were ambushed by a group of mercenaries that included Eagus and Kamon. During the battle, Abdel killed the mercenaries, but Gorion was hit in the eye by a crossbow bolt and died. Eventually he was joined by Gorion’s married friends, Khalid and Jaheira, eventually falling for Jaheira. Eventually, Abdel and Jaheira engaged in a romance and Abdel killed Sarevok, thus completing his vengeance. Soon after, he returned to Candlekeep, only to be captured by Jon Irenicus.

Although Adrian eventually escaped the grasp of Irenicus, he ended up being aided by Bodhi. Slowly, he began to fall in love with Bodhi, who had already fallen for him, with the two ending up on an adventure to stop Irenicus. Travelling with Bodhi, Abdel eventually acted on his feelings for her and the two had sex. However, before they were going to again consummate, Abdel transformed into the Bhaalspawn Slayer and murdered his love. After defeating Irenicus, Abdel resumed his romance with Jaheira and became embroiled in a conflict with the other Bhaalspawn. Travelling to Tethyr, Abdel defeated his half-brothers and proceeded to reject the Throne of Bhaal.

Adrian eventually becomes Marshal of the Flaming Fist mercenary company and Grand Duke of Baldur’s Gate. Beloved in the Lower and Outer Cities he serves both positions for decades due to his extended life as a Bhaalspawn. Around 1479DR his half-brother Viekang engaged Adrain in a fight in the Wide of Baldur’s Gate’s Upper City. The fight’s winner is the last surviving Bhaalspawn and transforms into the Bhaalspawn Slayer, at the same time Bhaal God of Murder is resurrected.

Duke Abdel Adrian

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